Magacoin is the first cryptocurrency powered by brickwall technology. Every two minutes, another brick is added, coming together to form a great, great wall. By providing initial resistance to the oppressive globalist mining consortium, brickwall technology allows for a fair, democratic launch with even distribution of MAGA. Through participation in the mining of this coin, you can help fortify and speed up construction of this mighty wall.

Magacoin was launched on America's 241st birthday and the first of the God-Emperor's reign. And to commemorate this new era in American history, Magacoin will have a maximum coin supply of 62,984,825 — one coin for each centipede that helped make it happen!

Magacoin is meant to be a fun, community project. There will be no pre-mining, no ICOs, no crowdfunding, and no bounties.

Please visit the BitcoinTalk announcement for more information and support.


Magacoin Wallet (Windows Installer)64 bit32 bit

Magacoin Wallet (Windows Portable)64 bit32 bit

Magacoin Wallet (Mac)dmgtar

Magacoin Wallet (Linux)64 bit32 bit

Magacoin Wallet (ARM Linux)64 bit32 bit

Magacoin Wallet (Source)zipSource Code

Magaminer (CPU)Windows MinerSource Code

Technical Details


  • Type: Proof-of-work
  • Algorithm: scrypt
  • Maximum Coin Supply: 62,984,825
  • Brick Time: 120 seconds
  • Difficulty Readjustment Time: 2 days
  • Initial Brick Reward: 250 coins
  • Brick Reward Halving Rate: 125,970 bricks (~175 days)
  • Genesis Brick Date: July 4, 2017 (no pre-mine)


  • Mainnet Network Protocol Port: 5333
  • Mainnet RPC Connection Port: 5332
  • Testnet Network Protocol Port: 15333
  • Testnet RPC Connection Port: 15332